‘Killer Bird’ Film Review

‘Killer Bird’ is the 5th film from the fertile mind and Directorial talent of Daniel Harding at 23½ films.

A preview to the story from Writer/ Director Daniel:

‘A dangerous bird has escaped and is causing panic amongst the local community. Coerced by his friends, Michael sets out to capture the bird and return it to the authorities.’

Checkout the trailer



I was pleasantly suprised by this film. It was exceptionally well made. The intrigue of the plot really hooked me.  The film quality was excellent with great sound and cinematography. The cast nailed their lines and were really believable which is hardly surprising consider the calibre of Actors involved (check their bios!) . I found the friends very relatable, I’m sure I grew up with people like this. All the characters generated a strong impression or emotional effect on me, deeming them both relevant and moving.

Judging by the opinions of the friends in the film and the flow of the story, for me this film seemed to set out to provoke the viewer into changing their perception of how they interpret influences on their lives particularly as it relates to media and peers.

I definitely empathised with the lead, Michael, having been faced with making tough decisions with friends that affect my whole outlook on life.

For me the film asked the following:

Are you just going to let life wash over you? Will you question what you are doing, what you’ve always done and when?
Isn’t it time to take an interest in what is really going on in the world ? Are you destined to remain with sheeple? When are you going to stand up to others?

I was left at the end of the film wanting to a whole lot know more about the characters. I hope that there are follow ups in the future.

I have had to remain somewhat vague about the film to avoid giving to much away so please watch the film when it is released



Move Me – Short Film Festival, 16-17th May 2016

Los Angeles CineFest, 14th-21st March 2016

Selby International Short Film Festival, 30th July 2016

UK Screen One International Film Festival, 8th-12th February 2016



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The Talent

 Chris Clynes played Michael

Chris C-1005London based actor Chris is originally from Leeds. He is an established theater actor including the lead in Hamlet at the Rose Playhouse. He recently starred in the film ‘Crossroads’ which debuted in Cannes.




Chris can be found at





email enquiries to info@bmaartists.com


Lindsay Bennett played Linda

29e141_c5f464ee88874e62890ad77f85bd88b8Lindsay has been and actor on stage and film since 2007. She also hails from North on the country. ‘Killer Bird is her fifth film.  Her most current production at the time of writing is the Horror ‘Still’ from Director Oliver Park


Lindsay can be found at

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all enquiries to info@mcaa.co.uk


Stewart Barham played Paul

13082699_10153411814542385_5778770247578553893_nStewart is a 17 year veteran actor. He lives in Hove, E. Sussex. He has appeared in a Tom Cruise film and on TV Doctor Who, EastEnders and The Bill. He is also a singer and model.



Stewart can be found at

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Steve Sipple played  Warren

steveLondon based Actor Steve is also a firefighter (like me) and a Director. He is part of Cutting Edge Combats Fight Unit, who specialize in stage and screen combat . Though only in the business since 2011, in the first three years  he has had 13 roles!


Steve can be found at








Kate Goodfellow played Amber

k5rqhFuxKate has been in Theater and film since 2004 . She was born in Australia where she also received her first training in acting. Kate is the Artistic Director of RedBellyBlack Physical Theatre Company
Kate won Best Female Performer at the 2014 Brighton Fringe Festival. This is her sixth film role. Her background like many of the other actors was in theatre. She has appeared in three other films since this role at time of press.






Steve Larkin played  John


Actor for film, television and theatre. Singer in band ‘One Zero One’.

Steve has been acting since 2001.He started acting in theatre but has had nine or ten film parts since 2012.








Ingvild Deila played Andreea


CZ5mC6hWEAElh53.jpg large Norwegian actress Ingvild Deila has been based in the UK since 2012. IMDB credits Ingvild with 12 acting parts since 2012 including a speaking part in ‘Avengers: age of Ultron’









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